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Traditional Asian Medicine today is a comprehensive system based on thousands of years of cross-cultural knowledge of the human body and mind. It is accepted around the globe as a safe, effective and holistic complement or alternative to contemporary western medicine. In making my diagnosis and treatment, I blend the wisdom of ancient eastern philosophy with the forward-looking Western Medical tools to bring you the best care possible, based on my experience in over a decade of study and clinical experience.

Asian Medicine is based primarily on a theory of balanced energy in the body. When the body is in good health, energy flow is balanced and consistent. However,   when energy flow is disrupted due to trauma, poor diet, medications, stress, or other factors, pain and illness result.  TCM diagnosis involves listening to the patients complete health history as well as making observations of the tongue, and feeling the pulses at the wrist, and gently feeling the abdomen.

Western lab work often provides another way of looking of the internal workings of the body, and may prove useful when viewed side by side with Chinese diagnostic practices. When appropriate to your condition, I offer testing such as Hormone Profiles, Adrenal Stress Index, Thyroid Panels, tests for Digestive wellness, and others, in order to give you the most complete evaluation and care.